Frequently Asked Questions
From Our Sydney Customers

With over 30 years of experience in TV Antennas and Data Cabling we have been asked thousands of questions about what we do. Here are perhaps the most frequently asked questions.

Firstly we need to check your TV signal at the TV socket. The problem could be as easy as a loose connector, interference of the amplifier/antenna or even just a simple retune might be required. If the antenna is damaged or elements have fallen apart or dangling we will need to replace the antenna.

We offer competitive prices and in most cases will quote over the phone, however if we attend and happen to find something completely different to what was discussed we can leave you with a no obligation free quote.

Not in all cases, it might just be that your antenna has moved.  In an electrical storm however it could mean that your Antenna or amplifier were damaged.

Your antenna could be corroded or rusted.  We will need to visit and determine whether this is the case.

Yes, we can mount your TV and also supply the correct bracket for the job, we also conceal all the cabling in the wall wherever there’s a cavity.

Depending where you live and where the best transmitter for signal is we will determine the antenna type and size. There are 4 TV transmission towers in the Sydney metro area:

  1. Artarmon transmitter- VHF antenna
  2. Kings Cross transmitter- UHF antenna
  3. North head transmitter- UHF antenna
  4. Kurrajong transmitter- UHF antenna

Yes we do cabling in a home or rewire an entire building to meet digital requirements.

Hearing Augmentation is a system to help those with a hearing impairment. AS 1428.5-2010- Australian Standards.